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It’s been a busy few months, which is why you haven’t seen much about the band lately.  Here’s a couple of updates:

  • Lay-Jay, widely acknowledged as one of the Toronto’s hottest singers and tambourine players, has recently been suffering from a bout of laryngitis.  I’m happy to report that Buffy’s ailment has not impacted her ability not to sing or not to play tambourine with the band.  Our best wishes go out to Lay-Jay, and all the band members hope she gets better.
  • NXNE 2010 is just around the corner, and – as a result of much deliberation earlier in the year – we can now announce, with confidence, that OES will not be performing.  So break out the sunglasses and the tank top, and have a good time not hearing us play.
  • Time to quash a bit of a rumour that’s been making the round.  Indefatigable rocker and bass player extraordinaire Knave Daylord is not in prison in the aftermath of a bass guitar theft.  Truth is Tiny has no use for a such an instrument:  he’s too hot to be “playing” a bass guitar.  This having been said, Tiny hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks – if you run into him please leave me a message (he’s failed not to attend a couple of rehearsals and fellow band members are feeling a little left out.

One other piece of topical news.  In the light of the recent BP oil spill (or gush, or whatever you call it), I’ve been thinking of ways in which the band might be able to raise awareness for the environment, the oceans and – well, the band.  Accordingly, it is my pleasure to announce that we won’t be playing any of the thank you songs we’ve so far not composed in honour of British Petroleum’s grit, determination and general lack of success in plugging “the damn hole.”  There’s already two songs we’ve not written in thanks, namely:

  • Thank You for the Memories.  This song will not be celebrating the billions of barrels of crude that BP has previously produced without fouling the ocean.
  • Is That Oil I See? Why Thank You, BP!  This comes out of the Catman’s unique perspective on the catastrophe.  CG reasons that Gulf Coast residents are sitting pretty for their next few oil changes, ’cause they can simply scoop the black goo up as required.  The alternatively-considered title “Takin’ My Bucket to the Beach” may end up being an entirely separate song we won’t write.

As always, we love to hear from you.  Is there anything else musical we shouldn’t be doing in support of BP?  And, again, have you seen Tiny?  Summer is upon us – so, more so than ever, peace and hotness always.  – Serge


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