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OES is pleased to announce the first in the series of interviews with members of OES, the hottest Toronto band ever.  We start the series with a candid interview with on of the band’s most controversial members, bass player Knave Daylord.  We hope you enjoy it.

Serge Page: Hey Tiny, thanks for–

Knave Daylord: Hey Serge, don’t call me that.  You know how I hate that nickname!

Serge Page: Sorry, Tiny … oops, Knave.  Let’s start at the beginning.  When did you first come to the realization that you and the bass were going to have a destiny together?

Knave Daylord: Bass?

Serge Page: Bass guitar.  You know, your instrument.

Knave Daylord: Oh right.  Well, I always had an interest in music – you know, listening to TV commercials and stuff.  So I figured there’s a whole bunch of people out there that don’t play bass, and I could be one of them.

Serge Page: Hot.  So you’ve been not playing the bass since…?

Knave Daylord: What year is it now?

Serge Page: 2009.

Knave Daylord: Cool.

Serge Page: And…?

Knave Daylord: What?

Serge Page: It’s 2009 now.  When did you start not playing bass guitar.

Knave Daylord: Oh.  2009.

Serge Page: How did you manage to carve out such a successful career for yourself in such a short time?

Knave Daylord: My mom always said that I could succeed at not doing whatever I chose not to do, so I just took that advice to heart, and here I am.

Serge Page: Um, hot.  Now–

Knave Daylord: Do you have a beer?

Serge Page: I told you, after the interview.

Knave Daylord: That blows.

Serge Page: You’re doing great.  Now tell our fans, are you a Hogtown native or an immigrant?

Knave Daylord: Hogtown?

Serge Page: Toronto.  Hogtown is a name for Toronto.

Knave Daylord: Toronto?

Serge Page: Toronto.  Capital of Ontario.  In Canada.

Knave Daylord: Oh right.  What was the question?

Serge Page: Were you born there.

Knave Daylord: Hell no!  What about that beer?

Serge Page: No.  Since you’re widely regarded as the hottest Toronto bass player, do you now feel like Toronto is your home?

Knave Daylord: Where?

Serge Page: We were just through this, Tiny.

Knave Daylord: Damnit Serge, DON’T CALL ME TINY.

Serge Page: Sorry.  Let’s try another question altogether.

Knave Daylord: Do I get a beer after?

Serge Page: Sure, Tin– um, Knave.  Last question.  What do you think the future holds in store for you?  Where do you see the band in the next few years, and do you think you’ll still be a part of it?

Knave Daylord: I see a beer in my future.  My immediate future.

Serge Page: Uh, right.  Thanks Knave, I’m sure the fans found this interview extremely enlightening.  Peace and hotness always, dude!

Do you have a question for the hottest Toronto bass player?  Which OES member would you like to see interviewed next?  What questions would you like answered?  Leave us a comment, and we’ll do our best – we love hearing from all our hot fans!  Don’t forget, you can also tweet us a message!


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