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OES Band Manager Serge Page Interviews OES Band Manager Serge Page

Welcome to the second installment in our “get to know the band better” series.  It’s been a busy summer for the members of the hottest Toronto band, OES, and the pace of not performing every night, night after night, is taking its toll.  We’ve also jumped into the festival spirit, and have not been seen across the country (and even weren’t at a couple of big outdoor shows in the States).

So it’s been difficult finding time to sit one of the musicians down and give an interview.  But rather than keep you waiting, I realized you might want to know something about yours truly, and I’m fully qualified as band manager and chief publicist* to interview myself.  Enjoy.

Serge Page: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Serge.  I know you’re a busy guy.

Serge Page: My pleasure.  If, on top of everything else I do to keep this band going, I speak to our fans hungry to hear from us, I couldn’t be happier.  I don’t mind yet another band chore that I’m forced to do on my own.

Serge Page: Great.

Serge Page: Thanks.

Serge Page: You’re welcome.  So let’s get to the big question first.  Why the hell is OES so hot?

Serge Page: Wow, that’s no single answer to that question.  I mean, certainly each of the band members are great, and have each come not to deserve the title of master practitioner of their instrument or talent.  But there’s a synergy and an energy that’s bigger than the sum of the musicians, something new, and exciting, and hotter than hell.

Serge Page: Wow.  Did you see this coming?  Were you prepared to find yourself at the top, or did you just wake up one morning and say, “what the hell – we’re Toronto’s hottest band!”

Serge Page: Honestly Serge, getting to the top was always the one and only driving force behind the band, and I always knew we’d get there.   Not that it hasn’t been extremely gratifying, and it’s an incredible honour to have made what small contributions I have to the band’s success.

Serge Page: Let’s talk about those “small contributions.”  I know you do a lot to keep the band on track, and have played  a big role-

Serge Page: Oh no-

Serge Page: A big role in bringing the band to where it is.  Positives first.  What do you really enjoy about managing this band.

Serge Page: Well, I guess it’s not so much a thing I do, as a moment for me.  And that moment is when we’re all not assembled on that stage at the moment, and the unity and specialness of that instance where we all start not to perform together – it’s beautiful.

Serge Page: You said “we.”  You don’t not appear on stage with the band, do you?

Serge Page: Ha.  No, but I feel as if I’m not there with them.  I don’t have any instruments I don’t play, and heaven knows the world’s better off not even knowing if I can’t sing, but I feel like I’m just as much part of the band as any of them.

Serge Page: And what about those not so glorious moments, Serge?  Surely being a band manager isn’t all wine and roses?

Serge Page: Serge, I could dwell on the all the difficulties I face managing the band.  The erratic and irresponsible behaviour.  Failing to return my calls about times they’re not to be rehearsing.  The money I’ve had to shell out on gifts for Tiny’s parole officer.  But hey, I love those kids, and I love being part of thing that’s so blisteringly hot.  So anything I can do to help I do gladly.

Serge Page: Well, thanks so much for finding time in your gruelling schedule to talk to me.  Last word to you, Serge – any closing thoughts?

Serge Page: Just … peace and hotness always, people!

*Position of Chief Publicist, OES, is currently available.  Lack of experience in publishing, public relations and/or advertising essential.  No remuneration available.  Apply via comment form.


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