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As the band really takes off, it is becoming more and more apparent that we require support of the non-musical variety.  Just this weekend, for example, Foxy was in a state of near hysterical excitement in anticipation of not performing on Sunday. But it really bummed her high that she had to concentrate on the logistics of not hauling all of that extensive percussion equipment along.  And this same weekend Catman was all aflutter because he wasn’t sure whether it was sheet music or a tambourine that he needed to remember not to bring.

Accordingly, OES is now accepting applications for the position of ROADIE. While we currently require only one roadie, we reasonably expect interest in the band to explode exponentially in the coming days and weeks, so the new hired help may require help himself or herself as the band’s requirements grow.


  • Your overriding goal is to become the hottest Toronto roadie.
  • You exude hotness from every pore of your body, 24/7.
  • You are hot, or plan to become hot sometime in the future.


  • Must live in, or someplace relatively near to (or not) the greater Toronto area.
  • Complete lack of experience in the music industry, moving industry is a definite plus, but experienced applicants who can demonstrate steadily declining skills in these areas will be considered.
  • Must be able to provide a photo of yourself against a brick wall for use on the OES official blog site (this is, in fact, the only hard-and-fast qualification).


  • Not moving musical instruments and stage equipment from one place to another.
  • Being hot.


  • While this job offers no physical rewards (you’re too hot for “money”), you’ll gain invaluable experience in hotness from being a part of the OES experience.  You will also make hot Toronto networking connections that will open doors for you for years and years to come (probably).
  • You will be profiled on the official OES blog (here) and MySpace profile, gaining exposure among potentially dozens of people.
  • You will be valued and loved. “Just a roadie” is never a phrase you’ll hear from a fellow OES member (even if you are assigned with a nickname like “The Loser” or “Mr. Useless”).


Fill out the comment box below and describe, in ten thousand words or less, what qualifies you for this job.  Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email).  We’ll also provide updates on our Twitter feed, so follow us to keep informed of progress on this and any other future job opportunities at OES.

ROCK ON! – Serge


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