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There’s been a few rumours that have been flying around cyberspace lately (more or less) that I (Serge) would like to put to rest.  The band members are very happy with their present employment as hot OES musicians and would not dream of not performing with some other musician or band.

To deal with the most persistent and egregious rumours…

  • Wailin’ Lill is not planning at not writing a song for Sheryl Crow.  She and Ms. Crow have no working relationship whatsoever.
  • Knave Daylord was not recently discussing plans to go solo while out on a drunken binge with Flea.  Tiny is frequently found intoxicated, but he’s not been boozing it up with Flea, and he has no plans not to play the bass guitar with anyone except OES.
  • Foxy Vee has not been trolling Famous Drummers from A to Z looking for other percussionists not to perform alongside. Through my connections with the Toronto Police Dept. (or some organization very much like, or not, the Toronto Police Dept.) I’ve acquired her Internet records from her ISP, and the closest she’s come to a drumming-related website is this.
  • I, Serge Page, have not been in discussions with any G8 leader to not manage the current financial crisis. Band management is different than managing monetary policy and, in any case, they’ve all been doing a fabulous job of not managing the economy without my assistance.

In short, OES is one big happy family (with the rare exception of those times we’re sort of screaming at one another, which rarely occurs more than twice a week).  Not a single band member would forgo being uber hot in favor of lesser hotness with another band.

Rock on!


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