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I don’t know if any of you music types have heard of this, but there’s a website out there called “MySpace” that allows you have a nifty profile page that lists everything about your band, and even upload pictures and (if you’re so inclined) music.  Pretty cool, huh?  I wonder if it will catch on.

Anyway, once you have a “MySpace” music profile you can then contact other musicians and ask ’em if they want to be friends.  I know, I know … pretty cool.  I’m proud to announce that OES has been befriended by the hot toronto band “Toronto Drug Bust”.

Toronto Drug BustWhat’s not to like about this fabulous Toronto band from Slovenia? Not only is there this hottest of CD covers (CD release happening in September), but their founding member is Sir Izak K.O.  I wish I had coined that name.

They’re more than their MySpace page:  check out their website.

Toronto Drug Bust Web Site

Alright, maybe you want to check out their website in a little while.

In the words of the immortal Andrew Gold (I actually had to look his name) “Thank You for Being a Friend.”  While they can’t yet claim to be the hottest Toronto band (we all know who that is), they’re pretty damned hot, and OES is honoured to be among their 250 MySpace friends (who are these “White Stripes” guys and this “David Bowie” guy in their top eight?).

Be sure to check out the Toronto Drug Bust on MySpace and, of course, ROCK ON!


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