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Toronto, ON – June 6, 2009 —  OES, widely acknowledged as the hottest Toronto band, announced today that they have issued a press release.

“This press release is just another milestone on our road to bigger and better things,” said band Manager Serge Page. “It is a testament to how far the band has come.”  Page went on to say that many fans would be surprised to hear that this is the second press release issued by OES, the first concerning their decision not to appear at the MMVA.

Page dismissed criticisms that today’s press release was lacking in substantive content, and was mind-bogglingly self-referential.  “Other bands issues press releases with ‘content’,” said Page.  “I understand and applaud their efforts to achieve legitimacy through such tactics, but OES is altogether too hot to engage in such shenanigans.  OES doesn’t make news, we are news.”

Rumours the band would be issuing a press release were very much not the buzz around Toronto in the past few days, and publication of the press release has not set off a new round of speculation concerning the next time the band could not be caught performing.

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